Phiona Nyamutoro Assumes Office as State Minister for Energy: A New Era Begins

Phiona Nyamutoro Assumes Office as State Minister for Energy: A New Era Begins

Kampala, Uganda – Today marks a significant moment as Ms. Phiona Nyamutoro officially commenced her duties as the Minister of State for Energy, overseeing Minerals.

Outgoing minister, Peter Lokeris welcomes Nyamutoro in the driving seat

This transition, effective Thursday, March 28, follows her recent appointment by the President, a decision that resonated widely across the nation.

Nyamutoro’s journey to this pivotal role began as the National Youth MP in the eleventh Parliament, solidifying her commitment to service and leadership.

In a notable cabinet reshuffle, Nyamutoro succeeded Peter Lokeris, who now assumes responsibilities as the Minister in charge of Karamoja Affairs.

Alongside Nyamutoro, several other ministers were appointed, including Balaam Barugahara (Youth and Children), Lillian Aber (Relief and Disaster), Florence Nambozo Wamala (Karamoja Affairs), Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi (Trade), and Dr. Kenneth Omona (Northern Uganda Affairs), reflecting a strategic realignment in Uganda’s governance landscape.

Nyamutoro’s official assumption of office at the Ministry of Energy headquarters, Amber House in Kampala, was met with a warm reception by Energy Minister Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa and her predecessor, Hon. Peter Lokeris. The ceremonial handover underscored continuity and a seamless transition of responsibilities.

With characteristic charisma and dedication, Nyamutoro expressed her commitment to advancing the energy sector’s development and ensuring the sustainable exploitation of Uganda’s abundant resources.

Her vision encompasses fostering economic growth and improving livelihoods, particularly in marginalized communities, through prudent management of mineral wealth.

“I am acutely aware of the immense potential of Uganda’s mineral resources to drive economic growth and improve the livelihoods of our people,” Nyamutoro affirmed.

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“I pledge to work tirelessly to advance the interests of our nation and ensure that our mineral wealth benefits all Ugandans.”

Minister Nankabirwa commended outgoing Minister Peter Lokeris for his exemplary service to the Energy Ministry and the nation, extending congratulations on his new appointment.

Welcoming Nyamutoro to the ministry, she expressed confidence in her capabilities, emphasizing collective support for realizing the ministry’s mandate and Uganda’s broader developmental goals.

Nyamutoro’s ascent to this pivotal role, coupled with the introduction of new faces in the cabinet, signals a dynamic phase in Ugandan governance under President Museveni’s leadership.

As the nation embarks on this new chapter, expectations are high, and the collective resolve to drive progress remains unwavering.

As Phiona Nyamutoro assumes her duties as the State Minister for Energy, Uganda anticipates a period of innovation, progress, and inclusive development.

Minister Nankabirwa gifts a flower bouquet to Nyamutoro as a sign of welcoming her to the ‘wining team’

With a passionate commitment to leveraging Uganda’s natural resources for the betterment of all citizens, Nyamutoro’s leadership heralds a promising era in the nation’s energy sector.

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