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Accident Claims 10 Lives, over 20 injured after truck carrying mourners overturns in Rakai

Accident Claims 10 Lives, over 20 injured after truck carrying mourners overturns in Rakai

In Rakai, Uganda, tragedy struck on a fateful Tuesday afternoon when a truck, filled with mourners en route to a burial in neighboring Isingiro District, careened out of control.

The vehicle, carrying over 35 passengers from the villages of Ssanje and Kigolomolo, lost its balance near the border with Isingiro, resulting in a devastating accident.

Eyewitnesses recounted a scene of horror as the speeding truck overturned multiple times, claiming the lives of ten individuals on the spot.

More than 20 others sustained critical injuries, grappling with the aftermath of the harrowing crash.

Authorities swiftly responded to the scene, launching an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the tragedy. The absence of the truck’s driver, who fled immediately after the accident, added a layer of mystery to the unfolding events.

Rakai District Police Commander, Mr. Justus Tashobya, expressed profound sorrow over the loss, particularly poignant as the community braced to observe the upcoming Easter holidays.

He emphasized the need for heightened vigilance on the roads to prevent further heartbreak.Amid the chaos, survivors of the crash faced an uphill battle, with twenty individuals grappling with serious injuries.

Urgent medical attention was dispatched to various health centers across the district as Mr. Kaggwa Ssekamwa, the Rakai District Chairperson, urged healthcare providers to deliver unwavering care, striving to salvage every precious life amidst the turmoil.

The tragic accident served as a grim reminder of the perils of reckless driving, echoing recent road tragedies across Uganda.

Just weeks earlier, a similar catastrophe befell students of St. Paul Kasoro Secondary School in Kyankwanzi District.

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One student lost their life, while several others sustained injuries, as they journeyed to participate in the 2024 Post Primary Football Competitions at Butemba College.

As the nation grappled with the aftermath of these senseless losses, a collective call for heightened caution resonated.

Motorists were implored to embrace responsibility behind the wheel and to prioritize the safety of precious lives on Uganda’s roads, aiming to prevent further tragedies from befalling the community.

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