UNEB Introduces Sample Papers and Guides for New O’Level Curriculum

In Kampala, Uganda, UNEB supports education by releasing tailored examination papers for the Uganda Certificate of Education. These papers span 36 subjects, including humanities, sciences, vocational studies, and languages, each with a detailed scoring guide.

UNEB Executive Secretary, Mr. Dan Odongo, stressed their importance in familiarizing educators and learners with competency-based assessment formats. However, he cautioned that while these samples provide insight, the actual assessment may pose different challenges.

Headteachers can access these papers via the UNEB portal or hard copy booklets distributed to schools. The Ministry of Education and Sports, with the National Curriculum Development Center, introduced the competency-based curriculum in 2020. Extensive teacher training nationwide aims at effective curriculum implementation.

This curriculum emphasizes learner-centered pedagogies and integrates technology and practical innovations. The shift from the 2008 Integrated English syllabus to the 2020 Language Competence-Based Curriculum marks a significant change, emphasizing integrated language learning experiences.

Moreover, it advocates for the integration of technological advancements and practical innovations into the teaching-learning process, nurturing adaptable and resourceful individuals.

The transition from the 2008 Integrated English teaching syllabus to the 2020 secondary school Language Competence-Based Curriculum signifies a paradigm shift.

The new approach moves away from compartmentalized language instruction, emphasizing integrated learning experiences that encompass grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills seamlessly.

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