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FULL LIST: Uganda Police Force Recruitment 2024: Over 5,000 Shortlisted Candidates

FULL LIST: Uganda Police Force Recruitment 2024: Over 5,000 Shortlisted Candidates

In a notable advancement for Uganda’s law enforcement capabilities, the Uganda Police Force has announced the release of names for over 5,000 candidates shortlisted for the position of Probationer Police Constable (PPC).

This initiative marks a significant step in strengthening the nation’s police force, with the selected individuals now invited to participate in a comprehensive interview process set for April 2024.

The interview phase is designed to thoroughly evaluate the aptitude and suitability of each candidate through a series of tests, including fitness assessments, aptitude evaluations, oral examinations, and medical screenings.

This rigorous selection process ensures that only the most capable and dedicated individuals are chosen to serve and protect the Ugandan community.

Candidates, aged between 18 to 23, are gearing up for a pivotal role in the Uganda Police Force (UPF), tasked with vital responsibilities such as enforcing law and order, safeguarding lives and property, and upholding peace across the nation.

Moreover, they are expected to execute additional duties as mandated by the Inspector General of Police, highlighting the versatile and impactful nature of their prospective roles.

In preparation for the selection process, all shortlisted individuals have been instructed to present themselves at designated recruitment centers on specified dates, armed with their original national identity cards and academic credentials.

Timeliness is emphasized, with candidates advised to report to their respective centers by 8 a.m.

Bwindipost understands that the shortlisted candidates, who are between ages 18 to 23, are expected to undertake assignments in UPF upon full recruitment, among which will include enforcing law and order, protecting life and property, preserving law and order, and executing any other duties as assigned by the Inspector General of Police.

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The criteria for successful candidates are stringent, demanding a clean criminal record, high physical and medical fitness levels, and the resilience to work long hours, often under challenging conditions. Furthermore, an openness to serve in various parts of the country is essential, underscoring the nationwide commitment required from prospective police officers

Successful candidates are expected to have no criminal record, be physically and medically fit, and be ready to work for long hours and at times under difficult conditions. They should also be ready to work in any part of the country.

Below are dates and venues designated for Uganda Police job interviews 2024

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