Lango Province Wins 2024 FUFA Drum Tournament

A Historic Victory

Lango Province made history by winning the FUFA Drum Tournament. They beat Busoga Province 2-1 in a thrilling final at Kampala’s MTN Omondi Stadium. The win marked a significant moment in Ugandan football.

Right from the start, Lango showed their intent. Darius Ojok scored early, putting Lango ahead. This goal set the tone for the match. Soon after, Emmanuel Obua’s header doubled their lead. By halftime, Lango was up by two goals.

Busoga’s Comeback Attempt

Despite the setback, Busoga fought back. Lawrence Tezikya scored, reviving Busoga’s hopes. The crowd cheered loudly, sensing a possible comeback. However, Lango’s defense held strong, securing their win.

The victory led to jubilant celebrations among Lango’s players and fans. Distinguished guests, including FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim, were present. The event highlighted the importance of grassroots football in Uganda.

Lango’s Journey to Glory

Lango’s road to the trophy was marked by perseverance and teamwork. They faced tough opponents but emerged victorious. This win not only brings them the title but also sets a new standard in Ugandan football.

Lango Province’s triumph in the 2024 FUFA Drum Tournament is a proud moment. It showcases their dedication, skill, and the vibrant spirit of Ugandan football. Their victory inspires future generations and enriches the country’s football legacy.

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