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Inside VP Alupo’s Strategic Meeting with Inzu Ya Masaaba Leadership

Inside VP Alupo’s Strategic Meeting with Inzu Ya Masaaba Leadership

Kampala, Uganda: In a significant gathering last week, the Vice President of Uganda, H.E. Maj (Rtd) Jessica Alupo, welcomed the cultural leadership of Inzu Ya Masaaba, led by Umukuka III, His Royal Highness Jude Mike Mudoma. The visit, marking a courtesy call by the leadership of Inzu Ya Masaaba, served as a pivotal moment for the Bamasaaba community.

During this important meeting, Umukuka III and his delegation articulated a series of requests aimed at fostering development and addressing various challenges facing Masaabaland. These requests are set to be relayed to the President of Uganda, ahead of a planned meeting that promises to further these discussions at the highest level of government.

The cultural leader’s advocacy focused on several key development initiatives for Masaabaland, including the establishment of a museum dedicated to the Bamasaaba heritage, the founding of a public university to serve as a beacon of higher education in the region, and the equitable distribution of national resources. Umukuka III emphasized the perceived oversight in the allocation of ministerial positions to Bamasaaba individuals, highlighting an urgent need for inclusion in national development plans.

Further, the Umukuka’s agenda outlined the construction of a palace at the historic Mutoto cultural site, securing land titles for this landmark area, and addressing the pressing issue of unemployment among the educated youth of Masaabaland. These concerns resonate with a broader call for economic empowerment and cultural preservation within the community.

Responding to these requests, Vice President Alupo assured the delegation of her commitment to forwarding their concerns to the President, signaling a potential for meaningful government intervention.

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Accompanying the Umukuka were prominent figures from the Inzu Ya Masaaba’s cabinet, including Hon Vincent Woboya, the Minister for Disaster Preparedness; Dr. Cled Wandui Masiga, Deputy Prime Minister; Hon Masereje, Attorney General; and Hon Mutanje Emmanuel, Minister for Resource Mobilization and Gender, among others. The presence of these officials underscored the collective resolve of the Bamasaaba leadership to advocate for their community’s advancement.

The meeting represents a crucial step towards bridging the gap between cultural institutions and the government, aiming at fostering sustainable development and inclusive growth within Masaabaland. As both parties look forward to the upcoming discussions with the President, there is a hopeful anticipation for positive outcomes that will benefit the Bamasaaba community and enhance their contribution to Uganda’s national fabric.

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