Government Dispatches Team to Investigate Nakaseke Teachers’ Exam Incident

Government Dispatches Team to Investigate Nakaseke Teachers’ Exam Incident

The Ugandan government has started looking into a controversial decision in Nakaseke. District chairperson, Ignatius Kiwanuka Koomu, had primary school teachers take exams meant for their students. This was especially for those from schools with poor scores in the 2023 Primary Leaving Exams (PLE).

Parliamentary Concerns

Allan Mayanja (NUP, Nakaseke Central) brought up worries in Parliament. Teachers are uneasy about how these tests might affect their jobs. They wonder if this will lead to promotions or demotions.

Government’s Amplified Response

In a session led by Speaker Anita Among on 15 March 2024, the demand for government action grew. Mayanja voiced teachers’ unhappiness and questioned the fairness of these exams.

Diverse Political Insights

Asuman Basalirwa and Dickson Kateshumbwa shared their views. Basalirwa pointed out local governments’ freedom to improve education. Kateshumbwa supported Koomu’s move to discuss the causes of poor PLE performance.

Official Investigation

John Chrysostom Muyingo, Minister of State for Higher Education, was surprised by the news. He has sent a team to Nakaseke to investigate.

This shows the government’s dedication to fair and effective education policies.

Speaker Among criticized the approach for several reasons, including the assessment method’s fairness and its potential impacts.

The debate touched on autonomy in education policies and the importance of addressing academic performance issues at their roots.

The government’s response underscores its commitment to education. An investigation is underway to ensure policies are both fair and effective.

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