EC Chief James Niwamanya Resigns Amidst Sexual Harassment Probe

Title: EC Chief James Niwamanya Resigns Amidst Sexual Harassment Probe

Kampala, Uganda: In a dramatic turn of events, James B. Niwamanya, the Head of Human Resource Management at the Uganda Electoral Commission, has tendered his resignation amidst mounting allegations of sexual harassment involving his female junior staff.

Niwamanya, a stalwart of the electoral body for over 15 years, chose to step down as reports implicating him in the scandal surfaced in the media. Prompted by the seriousness of the accusations, the Commission swiftly launched an internal investigation, prompting Niwamanya to voluntarily step aside pending the probe’s outcome.

Before the investigation concluded, Niwamanya opted for early retirement, signaling his departure in a formal letter addressed to the Secretary of the Electoral Commission, Leonard Mulekwah. Dated March 15, 2024, Niwamanya designated Monday, March 18, as his final day at the commission, citing personal reasons and a pursuit of inner peace.

In his resignation letter, Niwamanya expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve but beneath the veneer of gratitude, lurked the shadow of the ongoing investigation. Sources reveal his resignation came amidst escalating pressure and scrutiny as the internal probe delved deeper into allegations of misconduct during his tenure.

Despite being interdicted from his duties to preserve the integrity of the investigation, Niwamanya opted to preemptively conclude his service at the Electoral Commission. His abrupt departure has sent shockwaves through the organization, prompting introspection on workplace culture and the efficacy of mechanisms in addressing misconduct allegations.

Niwamanya’s resignation marks a pivotal moment for the Electoral Commission, highlighting the importance of transparency, accountability, and a zero-tolerance stance towards harassment in the workplace.

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