NRM Registration: Growing Participation as Deadline Approaches

NRM Registration: Growing Participation as Deadline Approaches

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) is witnessing a surge in participation as its member registration and update exercise nears its conclusion. This exercise, which commenced on Wednesday, March 13, and is set to conclude on Sunday, March 17, aims to organize the party’s membership database in anticipation of upcoming internal and general elections.

One notable trend in this registration drive is the significant turnout of youths aged 18-30. Across the 18 zonal regions of the NRM, young individuals are demonstrating a keen interest in aligning themselves with the party’s ideologies. Many of these youths are joining the NRM for the first time, underscoring the party’s appeal to the younger demographic.

Mobilization Efforts:

The NRM has been actively mobilizing its members across the country. In Kampala, the Manager of the Office of NRM National Chairman, Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye, led monitoring efforts in various key areas. Prominent figures like Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja and NRM National Vice Chairman (Eastern) Capt Mike Mukula have also been actively involved in the registration process, emphasizing the importance of membership registration.

NRM Registration: Growing Participation as Deadline Approaches

In Greater Mbarara’s Isingiro District, there has been a significant turnout, with residents, including those crossing over from opposition parties, actively participating in the registration process. However, challenges such as infrastructure deficiencies have been raised, highlighting the need for comprehensive development efforts.

Meanwhile, in Bunyoro, Sub Region Coordinator Mr. Tunura Brian has been spearheading mobilization efforts in Masindi District, ensuring a smooth registration process in various villages.

Addressing Challenges:

The registration process has not been without challenges. In the Madi Sub-region, for instance, the absence of National Identity cards and a high death rate among prominent party members have posed obstacles. Efforts have been made to facilitate registration, including the inclusion of eligible students using their learner identification numbers.

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NRM Registration: Growing Participation as Deadline Approaches

As the registration deadline approaches, the NRM emphasizes the importance of verifying registered members through Village Barazas. This comprehensive register will not only facilitate the organization of party organs but also serve as a crucial tool in candidate nominations for party primaries. With continued efforts and participation, the NRM aims to strengthen its position in Uganda’s political landscape.

NRM Registration: Growing Participation as Deadline Approaches
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