Renewed Trust: President Museveni Extends Rujoki’s Term as URA Commissioner General

Renewed Trust: President Museveni Extends Rujoki's Term as URA Commissioner General

Kampala, Uganda (UG) – In a significant move underscoring continuity and trust, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has extended John Musinguzi Rujoki’s tenure as the Commissioner General of the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) for another three years.

The decision, confirmed by URA in an official statement released on Friday, March 15, 2024, solidifies Rujoki’s position as the leader of the nation’s tax collection efforts, with resounding support from key stakeholders including the President, the national treasury, and the Central Bank.

Expressing their congratulations, URA’s board and staff hailed Rujoki’s reappointment as a testament to his exceptional leadership. “The board and staff of Uganda Revenue Authority congratulate Commissioner General John R. Musinguzi on his remarkable reappointment for another term as the team lead of the URA Family,” the statement read.

Highlighting the collective endorsement from President Museveni, Hon. Matia Kasaija – the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, and the esteemed Board of the Uganda Revenue Authority, the statement emphasized a shared commitment to the nation’s fiscal integrity and prosperity.

Profile of Excellence:

Rujoki, who assumed the role of URA boss in 2020, brings a wealth of expertise to his position, holding a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Makerere University and a Master’s degree in Computing and Information Systems from the University of Greenwich.

Amidst Fiscal Challenges:

Rujoki’s reappointment comes at a critical juncture as Uganda grapples with fiscal challenges, including a shrinking tax revenue base exacerbated by the refusal of certain multinationals to comply, thus limiting the country’s access to financial aid and concessional lending, such as that from the World Bank, due to concerns over human rights violations.

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Despite these hurdles, the government is pushing forward with its fiscal plans, with the 2024/25 budget projected to decrease marginally to UShs52.72 trillion. However, domestic revenue collections are anticipated to face a significant decline of nearly Shs3.5 trillion.

Moreover, reports indicate a UShs600 billion deficit in revenue collections during the initial four months of the 2023/2024 financial year, adding pressure on the authorities to enhance revenue mobilization efforts under Rujoki’s continued leadership.

As Rujoki embarks on his extended term, the nation looks towards him to steer the URA with integrity, innovation, and resilience, safeguarding Uganda’s fiscal health and fostering sustainable economic growth amidst challenges.

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